#StuffOnMyDesk 10/11/2015

#StuffOnMyDesk 10/11/2015

So it has been a slow week. It’s actually been a great week. My son made his First Holy Communion so we spent a lot of time celebrating with family. It’s been a slow gaming week.

I did manage to pick up my brush though. Like I expected, I totally f&*#ed it up. My Wrath of Kings model was obviously not assembled correctly and his other arm fell off as I applied paint to it.

#StuffOnMyDesk 10/11/2015
The poor guy could not even survive the base coat. I’ll fix him eventually…

Normally something like this would put me off. I’ve started a lot of other models and did some good work that I was really proud of. Then I make 1 mistake and I get fed up and put it into a drawer. This time around I decided to start again, with a different model.

I check in my cupboard of models and found this little drake that I picked up at one of the ICON auctions many, many years ago. He was used in one of my DnD modules as a fire drake but I never got around to painting him, I never could get rid of him either. I was going to get him primed but he needs some gaps filled, especially around his wings.

#StuffOnMyDesk 10/11/2015
It’s a very old model, I’m not even sure where it is from.

The current heat wave we are experiencing in Gauteng has got me feeling rather lethargic so I think I’ll do that another day. To top it off, I’m not actually at my desk at the moment. Today is the first day of Diwali. It’s a celebration of the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. With a large Indian population, Diwali is celebrated all through South Africa with the use of fireworks.

This means I spend 2 nights sitting with my dogs keeping them calm. In this heat I’d not be in my study anyway. However I’m not one to just sit in front of my TV, so I looked around my study and found these:

#StuffOnMyDesk 10/11/2015
These are not the premium sleeves but lets see if they do the job for less than the cost of the game itself.

I’ve got almost 1,000 Dominion cards that are starting to show their age. I think I’ll use this time to get them sleeved. I also think that I’ll start sleeving all of my games. Just not all at once, that will be a rather expensive exercise.

Hopefully by next week this time, I’ll have made some progress on my drake. I don’t expect it to be a lot though. This Saturday is the first Sci-Fi Con which will be held in Midrand and a family braai in the afternoon.  On Sunday there’s a Star Wars : Armada tournament at Outerlimits that I want to attend.

Happy Diwali to all those celebrating this year!

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