#StuffOnMyDesk 2016/11/10

#StuffOnMyDesk 2016/11/10

So as I mentioned last week I finally cleaned my desk! It actually feels like an accomplishment. But I need to use it so it was not destined to stay that way for very long :). Initially I played some games which was fun, but then I got back into painting and model building.

So first up painting

I’ve got the last 10 models of my SoB base sets to paint. I’ve not been looking forward to these. I’m a decidedly average painter and my eyesight is not the best. These models have very soft detail. That means not very good. At some point they sort of melt into each other. It’s quite bad for someone like me that does not have the skill to compensate for it.

I’m glad to say that their models, since then, have GREATLY improved. I’ve got a few of the expansions and they are looking awesome! For now though I need to get through these. The 2 boss monsters have been primed and had some initial colours put on earlier. Then I stopped because I’m waiting for stock of some Army Painter paints at Battle Wizards.

#StuffOnMyDesk 2016/11/10
They look almost playable as they are, but I have a way to go.

I’ve since moved on to my Heroes. It’s slow going. I’m trying to paint them assembly line style and it’s not working because they are all individual models *sigh* silly me. I’ve got the initial coat of paint on them. Just one more coat of paint to solidify the colours and the base coating will be done, and then the real fun stuff starts. Detailing.

Now for some assembly

I’m still procrastinating on them though. Another project that I’ve started is Lost Patrol. A game from Games Workshop. I’ve purchased this months ago and it’s just been sitting on my shelf. It’s about time it gets played so I’ve started assembling the models.

#StuffOnMyDesk 2016/11/10
These guys are nasty killing machines…

The genestealers are a bit of a schlep, well it feels like it. Don’t ask why, there are only 12 of them. I had some music playing and I was getting into a groove then my son started watching a movie. After about 1 minute I went and sat with him *facepalm.

Another problem is that I buy games way, way too often. There’s always something new to play. I need to slow down so I can actually play with the games that I own :). I know I’ve mentioned it before but I need to actually start listening to myself!

#StuffOnMyDesk 2016/11/10
The ‘good guys’. There’s no real good guys in 40K.
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