#StuffOnMyDesk 15/03/2016

#StuffOnMyDesk 15/03/2016

Shadows of Brimstone has been on my want list since it arrived in the country last year. I was really bummed that I missed the Kickstarter for it, but there’s no use crying about that now. It’s finally arrived and it’s all over my desk. Looks like it will be holding that spot for a while to come.

It’s one of the few board games with miniatures that require assembly. It’s somewhat annoying that I can’t just jump straight into playing the game and have to first slog through this whole schlep.

Don’t get me wrong, I love models. I’ve possibly got about 500+ scattered about in my home, in various states of painting and assembly. I love them, I love the painting, and I love the assembly. I hate cleaning models.

Cleaning, the normal version –  is washing the models with warm soapy water so that the releasing agent that was used to get them out of the moulds will wash off and not prevent the paint from sticking to the models. It also means scraping off the tiny mold lines and pieces of flash from the casting process. In some cases gaps in the models need to be filled with special putty.

I actually skipped with the actual washing and I’ve been less than through with the cleaning 🙁

It’s note entirely necessary though. There are a lot of people who just glue everything together and just get playing. I want to paint them though, and when you apply the paint, these flaws become glaringly obvious. If you spend many hours looking at the models up close, they seem to jump out at you while you’re playing with them.

The Shadows models have displaced the Storm troopers that I was working on. I have to admit I was not really showing them any effort, just a few minutes here and there. With these I’m actually making decent headway. I’m about ¾ of way done with assembly of the first box of models, that’s quite impressive, for me, 30 models!

I just need to keep the momentum going. Division (video game) was released last week and I find myself wanting to play it a lot. I love gaming as a social experience and video games give me a chance to kuier with friends who live outside of Gauteng. However it also means I’m going to bed far later than usual so I’m not trusting myself to be careful enough with my models…

#TMGTLT (Too Many Games, Too Little Time)

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