#StuffOnMyDesk 2016/07/05

#StuffOnMyDesk 2016/07/05

It’s been a while since my last #StuffOnMyDesk post, and it shows. My desk is a mess. My projects have slowed down too. That’s not to say that there hasn’t been any movement.

Lets start with what’s on my desk at the moment. First up are some recent additions to my collection the mains things being my ICON Loot. so you may have seen that already, but there’s some white figures on top of the Runebound box, these are the heroes from Shadows of Brimstone. I’ve finally got around to priming them for painting.

I’m actually glad that I’ve started with these. They will really enhance the game when I play next. There’s just something about a really good looking table that I just love. I almost didn’t start them though. I actually wanted to paint up the Doorways from Shadows first but the spray paint that I had was clogged. It was a new bottle. Ok; it’s 6 months old, but it was my first use and it cost about R300 bucks so I was pretty bummed.

It’s still sitting on my desk though I have no idea why, I should just throw it away. *sigh*

I have made progress on other models in the past few week though. In fact I’ve finished some of them.Here they are before I finished the 2nd coat of black on the bases. They are not perfect but I’m very happy with them.

#StuffOnMyDesk 2016/07/05

#StuffOnMyDesk 2016/07/05

#StuffOnMyDesk 2016/07/05

I need to get cracking on the rest of the models, I’ve still got 28 models from the 2 base sets to paint. Then it’s on to the 6 Expansions that I have bought 🙂 I just need to find some time during the day and then I’ll be able to get onto it. It’s just too cold to get motivated in the evenings.

TBH though, I’d rather play games. I guess that’s just how it goes, in phases. Although, once I get stuck into something I’m usually good to go I just need that initial push.

Oh, I’m also the chair of the Homeowners Association of the place that I live in now. So I’m going to be even more busy and have even less time for gaming….

That’s enough for now. I’ve got Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization on the brain. I need to go and put some stickers on to some tokens.

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2 thoughts on “#StuffOnMyDesk 2016/07/05

  1. Hi, I see you use what seems to be Vallejo colour? Where do you buy them and whats the average price? I only have access the Citadel Paints.

    1. Hi, I’ve actually purchased these about 10-11 years ago, when Smellytroll was still around

      I do need a restock though. I’ve found a model railways shop in CTN that stocks Vallejio. I’m going to try them out and I’ll let you know.

      Otherwise I’ll be placing an order at Warstore.

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