#StuffOnMyDesk 2016/08/03

#StuffOnmyDesk 2016/08/03

First, apologies for the lack of updates last week. I’m actually ill and on some crazy sleeping meds. I’ve also had to go out of town for a family wedding which, while it was awesome, did not help either. Lets see if I can get things back on track this week.

Ok, that initial picture is not actually my desk it’s my dining room table. That box is a DHL package containing NEW TOYS!!!! I’ve been itching to get my hands on these for a while now.

#StuffOnmyDesk 2016/08/03
3 games from the States of Siege series made by Victory Point Games.

I’ve got my Scythe KS arriving this week too, it should be tomorrow but I’m actually feeling guilty that I want to play these more. I’ve had it for 2 days and I’m already 4 games in on Zulus on the Ramparts!

The shrink wrap on the other games are still sealed but I’ve got no urge to actually open them. For me that’s odd because I’m a bit obsessive when it comes to my games, I want to look at all of the new toys now! For some reason I’m savoring these.

I’ve always enjoyed war games, but usually they were miniature games. This is my first “hex and counter” game. Although some might not see these as full on war games they are pretty damn close and I reckon they’re a good intro into the genre.

It’s like Christmas in August!

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