#StuffOnMyDesk 2016/12/08

#StuffOnMyDesk 2016/12/08

My desk has been busy of late. It might appear to be a mess (even more so because of the wind, luckily nothing broke!) but I like to think of it as organised chaos. It actually looks like I’m doing something!

For now I’ve “finished” the 2 Shadows of Brimstone base sets. By “finish” I mean they could use another highlight and still need varnish but I’m already playing with them and having fun 😉

Painted models just look much cooler on the table and they add a little something extra to the experience. It took a while but it is really worth it.

#StuffOnMyDesk 2016/12/08
Yes they could use a little more effort but it’s play time!

I’ve got 2 new sets of models on my desk at the moment. The Scouts and Genestealers from Lost Patrol. Some very nice models from a fun little game (review will follow soon). They have been cleaned and primed and I’m ready to paint but this heat is just killing me. Every day I get home feeling exhausted.

I know I should just push through and get going but it’s so much easier to just flop down on the couch with something cold to drink. Hopefully this trend does not continue through the holidays. I’m going on leave soon and I hope to get at least another 2 games painted and a 3rd one started before I get back to work.

#StuffOnMyDesk 2016/12/08
More goodies!!!

The other models on my desk are from Blood Bowl. It’s an AWESOME game from Games Workshop. I’ve been waiting a very long time for this to be re-released and it was so worth the wait. The models are fantastic, simply gorgeous and very easy to assemble too. 3 pieces each, even my kids could do it 😉

Not that I let them. It was the first time in a long time that I actually enjoyed assembling models.  It’s just a better experience when you have the good stuff to work with. I can’t wait to get painting these. I do want to take my time though and make them a bit more special that what I did with SoB.

#StuffOnMyDesk 2016/12/08
That’s a pretty Orc if I do say so myself.

This Sunday there’s a Casual Play day at Battle Wizards so instead of painting I’m brushing up on the rules and I’m going to teach Ronin how to play so he can come along too. With luck I’ll be joining a league or 2 next year and will get some regular games in!

#StuffOnMyDesk 2016/12/08
The tongue was a nice deep red but I accidentally got too much pink paint on my pallet. I thought I could try to make it more ‘fleshy’ but I messed it up. Oh well. It still looks better than grey plastic.
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