#StuffOnMyDesk 2017/11/23

#StuffOnMyDesk 2017/11/23

About a week ago I was engrossed with a conversation on a local board game Whatsapp group. It was interesting we eventually hit 300 messages that day. It made me realise that I had not touched a board game in over a week! So, I found myself reflecting on what was going on and why.

40K has come to a halt not for lack of trying but rather because it’s exam time for the kids and I know Ronin will be far too distracted to study. We should hopefully get to play this weekend. Although I sprained my ankle at the +LIVE+ concert last weekend so the garden is a mess and the cars need a wash too, maybe I can get him to help 😉

On the Painting Front

Painting has also stopped it’s not for lack of inspiration though. More from external influences. First the weather was going crazy and not suitable for spray priming. When it eventually cleared my black primer was clogged!!

#StuffOnMyDesk 2017/11/23
No car… can’t let the space go to waste.

It’s was almost like the universe was against me. I’ve had all of the models for Scythe ready for priming for 2 weeks. Luckily the weather eventually broke and I my car is in for repairs (that’s unlucky) so I could setup my airbrush in the garage. I should be painting DOOM but I want something different for now. I’m not feeling inspired at the moment.

#StuffOnMyDesk 2017/11/23
I think they look better in black.

New Board Games

On the games from I’ve got 2 new acquisitions. First is Concordia, a game much vaunted by Shut Up and Sit Down. For good reason too we are thoroughly enjoying it. It’s not long, easy to teach and the whole family can play too. I’m actually trying to find upgraded resource counters to pimp the game out. I’ve not really done that before but it’s a testament to how much I enjoy it.

The other new arrival is Kingdomdeath Monster.

#StuffOnMyDesk 2017/11/23
Stunning models, the instructions are online though.

I was blown away by this game. Everything just screamed quality, I wasted no time in exploring the box and building the starting models, then I got distracted and had to put it away. However since Monday I’ve picked it up twice!

I know that does not sound like a lot but let’s add some context. It’s 2 x +3hr sessions! It’s also rated M17+ so I only break it out after the kids are asleep; that’s some late nights. I’m just enamoured with this game. The story that builds as you play it is AMAZING! It’s dark though, very dark.

The scope of the game is huge, after about 7 hours of play I’m only on turn 3! So don’t expect a review anytime soon. That being said I’ve got my solo campaign going and I’ve started another campaign with a few friends. I’d better get busy building the rest of the models.

#StuffOnMyDesk 2017/11/23
Stunning models, the instructions are online though.

The waiting list is long too…

There are quite a few games I’m waiting for ATM too. Mythic Battles Pantheon is shipping but for some reason my address is not on my pledge, I’ll only be able to update it in January. Fog of Love is running very late, I was looking forward to it too but it’ll hopefully arrive soon.

I’ve also got Gloomhaven on order with an ETA of December/Jan. Rising Sun is actually running ahead of schedule. I think I’m going to drown in plastic soon!

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