#StuffOnMyDesk 2020/06/12


This is my new study, the kids called the previous one a man cave which I felt sheepish about because it was rather tiny. I think this one will be more fitting. It’s still a work in progress but lets see what’s going on….

Firstly I’ve got 2 desks and I do need more along with some shelves and paint stands. Having 2 desks is great because it means Ronin and I can work together instead of being held up by each other.  I’ll get at least 1 more as I’m going to need to put a laptop/PC and a printer somewhere too.

What else is new?

The weather here is a bit unpredictable, I’m still getting used to it. It rains fairly often, humidity is high and the wind is near constant. This makes spray painting super tricky. Also I live in a white house with very little yard space so over spray will be an issue.

#StuffOnMyDesk 20200611 Airbrush
I picked this up really cheap on a special for the Queen’s birthday.

This makes an airbrush a really good option, along with a spray booth. The spray booth catches the over-spray in a filter so there’s no mess and there’s an extractor fan that makes sure everything gets pulled into the filter. It’s also got a pipe that can be pushed out of a window so that any fumes can be vented outside.

Even the floor is in use.

We’re actually playing games of 40K on the floor. We don’t have any terrain, yet, but some imagination and a few boxes do the trick nicely.

#StuffOnMyDesk 20200611 Floor
Floor gaming!

I really like this battle mat, it’s fantastic. These were not available back in SA and I’ve got a pair from different manufacturers so I think a review is in order as they are quite pricey. I think I should wait for my shipment from SA so that I can compare them to the Fantasy Flight one I already have.

Whats still needed?

Aside from a clean up, I need to start looking for decent shelves. I’ve got a lot of games on the way and I don’t want to leave them on the floor all the time. I might also look for a 3rd  dining table and some boards so Ronin and I can play 40K without having to crawl on the floor.

#StuffOnMyDesk 20200611 Tank
Painting tanks by hand is not easy, another reason to get the airbrush.

I’m getting a head of myself though. First let me clean go this place up…

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2 thoughts on “#StuffOnMyDesk 2020/06/12

  1. Love it bro!
    So great to see you making this space your own and delving into your passion.
    Keen to see how it turns out 🙂

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