#StuffOnMyDesk 24/11/2015

#StuffOnMyDesk 24/11/2015

This past week has been rough. The kids had final exams so we were helping them with studies and final assignments and then there was the company Christmas party. The party was followed by a 2 day long stag. That did not mean that I did not get some time for my hobbies, just not as much time as I would have liked.

I really did not have time for painting, but I was not in the mood for it anyway. On the 15th of November the first Star Wars Armada Organised Play Event was held in Gauteng. There were only 6 players available on the day but that was partly due to the road closures for the 94.7 cycle challenge. I almost did not get there in time myself!

We only had enough time to play 2 rounds, partly due to a late start and partly due to most players still learning the nuances of the game so we took long to play.

I took an Imperial feet consisting of:

  • Victory Star Destroyer I commanded by Tarkin
  • Victory Star Destroyer II
  •  2 Tie Advanced
  • 2 Tie Bombers
  • 2 Tie interceptors
  • a single Tie fighter

I don’t actually recall the upgrades that I took, I built my fleet on the day itself as I did not have time to do so before hand. My plan was to use the pair of VSDs to act as carriers issuing commands to the fighters while my lumbering Destroyers got into range.

#StuffOnMyDesk 24/11/2015
I really like the full art cards. I wish I could collect them all.

It worked quite well, in my first game my fighters were able to quickly destroy the rebel fighters and then help to chip away at the shields of the enemy ships while I brought my big guns to bear.

In game 2 I was sorely out match against more Imperial ace pilots than I could count. Darth Vader is nasty! So my fighters acted as a screen just keeping the enemy engaged so that they could not target my ships. My opponent had a tricked out VSD II and a very, very scary Gladiator. I managed to out range the Gladiator and destroy it before bringing both of my ships to face off against the loan VSD.

#StuffOnMyDesk 24/11/2015
Now I just need someplace to pin it.

I walked away with overall victory and some pretty cool prizes, but I’ve had Armada on the brain ever since. I’ve been building fleet after fleet in my mind for the past 2 weeks. I just wish I had written some of them down 🙁

I had intended to take pics on the day and write up full battle reports, but I actually forgot about it. Next time!

#StuffOnMyDesk 24/11/2015
The new addition to my Imperial fleet. I cannot wait to field this baby!


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