#StuffOnMyDesk 30/08/2016


I’m done with another set of models! More Shadows of Brimstone goodness. Ok, it’s not that good. It’s “table top quality” but I’m kind of happy with these guys. The eyes have a bit of a glow to them that I like. It’s just that the angle of the models means that you will always be looking at the top on their heads so I won’t actually see them often.

The right most one is a slightly different colour form the rest, I wanted some variation. He is turquoise. I realised, after I was done, that I should have painted purple spots on him and called him Sully 😛

Next up are some chitinous buggers from the Swamps of death. I was rather heavy handed with the black and it shows. Also, in this pic the red paint is still drying. It’s very early stages on this one.

I’m afraid that I might have really botched these but lets see what happens…

I’m tempted to give them a few more coats of paint tonight but it’s getting late and I’ve started reading again. So I want to jump into bed with my book.

I’m also painting my house! The painters tell me that they will not be finished before Saturday. This means that I’m going to miss the Timeless Boargames Game day this weekend 🙁 and it’s going to be a great one. There’s a host of unreleased games from Gencon 2016 that will be available to play.

I had already pre-arranged some games and I had even started reading the rules so that I could be familiar with them on the day. If you get a chance, go for it. I’m sure you will enjoy it.

In other news…

Another KS that I’ve backed is en-route! It’s the BGG 1 Player Guild Challenge coin, and some 1PG dice too. I just could not resist this one. The 1 Player Guild on BGG is one of the nicer places to hang out on BGG. Just not for your wallet. My wallet hates the place.

Right, now it’s time for that book and a cup of tea.

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