#StuffOnMyDesk 8/12/2015

#StuffOnMyDesk 8/12/2015

It’s been a busy week gaming wise. My son and I played the entire Zombie 15′ campaign. Timeless Boardgames had their last board game party for the year and I spent hours sleeving cards. Ok, the Zombie 15′ campaign took more than a week but we played the majority of the missions this week, expect a review soon.

I notice that my copy of Ledgendary Encounters: An ALIEN Deck Building Game was showing some damage so I bought some sleeves. 600 Sleeves. I think at some point during shipping moisture got into the packaging so the sleeves were not only sticking together but also sticking closed. Putting a card into a sleeve should take seconds but I found that some cards took me over a minute to sleeve. With almost 600 cards you can imagine how long it took! I spent days on just 1 game.

I finally got around to doing some work on my drake. Painting was the main reason I started writing these posts. I said I am lazy and I’m kind of ‘guilting’ myself into painting. So what did I do, sadly, not much 🙁

#StuffOnMyDesk 8/12/2015
Brushing on the Greenstuff make it easier to get it into the harder to reach spots.

I gave the drake a wash with warm soapy water to remove any of the dust that may have settled on it while it was in storage and then started to fill the gaps with liquid greestuff.

It’s the first time that I’ve used it and I have to say that it’s pretty handy. I was supposed to have primed it today but traffic was a killer and we got home late. It was just as well as I noticed that I had missed a small spot on a join so I’m going to fill that and leave it overnight to dry.

#StuffOnMyDesk 8/12/2015
I have to say that I don’t like the pose but I think this thing must be older than I am.

I also had an epic day at the last  Timeless Board Games Gaming day for 2015. I must have played about 6 hours of Cards Against Humanity. I laughed so hard that my cheeks hurt. The game is a lot of fun if you are thick skinned. I am over it though, I think I’ve seen all of the cards played more than enough times already. I did play a few other games too and walked away with a copy of Ninja Dice. It might just be the last game that I buy this year but lets see how things go.

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