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I used to play a lot of games with miniatures. I loved collecting and painting them. At one point I had enough unopened stock to rival most stores. The thing is I’m lazy. That’s why most of my models were unopened.

Last week I cleaned my desk, I was in the mood to paint something. Then the power went out, so I had to skip. Thank you Eskom. The previous time I was amped to paint something,  one of my models lost an arm while I was cleaning my study after it was flooded so I just packed them away.

They say that one of the best ways of helping yourself to realise your goals is to put it in writing.  So this is it. All those half finished (not started) projects, I’m looking at you. I’m going to try to do something even just something small each week or fortnight just to get myself going.

I’m also going to post abut it. Fair warning though. I was an average painter 8+ years ago, so expect some atrocities. It’s not all going to be modelling and painting,  anything that could be board games (or table top games in general) related that gets to my desk, new games, random musings,  whatever it may be.

However, today is Halloween. We have a surprise planned for the kids. Maybe I’ll get to do something tomorrow.


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