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Review: Mage Knight Board Game

Mage Knight review

The Atlantean Empire is in ruins. It’s been over 30 years since the Breaking, when all the magestone sundered and mana was let lose in the world. Bands of orcs and monsters are roaming wild, rumours of dragons are spoken of in hushed tones throughout the cities. You are a Mage Knight in the service of the Council of the Void. In exchange for your loyalty they have granted you the power to wield terrifying power. Will you be strong enough to bring the Empire under the control of the council?

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Review: Dominion Prosperity

Dominion Prosperity review

Dominion is a great Deck Building Game from Rio Grande Games.  It’s got loads of replay value but after your 50th game you might want something new. To this end a series of expansions for Dominion has been released.  The first one that I got my hands on was Prosperity. It is an expansion for the base game Dominion which you will need have in order to use the cards in Prosperity.

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Review: Dominion

Dominion review

“Look son, everything the light touches is our kingdom.”

“Dad, why are you blocking one of my eyes?”

“Because that part belongs to the neighbours.”

Dominion is a game where you need to use your assets to develop the best kingdom in order to win. It’s not your usual property/economic game though. It’s a deck building game (DBG). Dominion is actually the grandfather of all deck building games. It is still one of the giants though and can go toe to toe with the new games any day.

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