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Review: Click Clack Lumberjack (A.K.A Tok Tok Woodman)

Tok Tok Woodman review

I was going to start this review with the Lumberjack Song lyrics from Monty Python, but I don’t think it’s actually appropriate for what is essentially a family game 😉 This is a dexterity game where you have to try chopping the bark off of the trees without actually knocking off the trunk.

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Review: Pingo Pingo

Pingo Pingo review

Have you ever fancied yourself as a treasure hunter? Dashing through unknown places in search of great treasure? Avoiding traps and fearsome opponents? It’s a nice fantasy and a good premise for a game, but the treasure in Pingo Pingo is protected by a clan of penguins. Spear wielding, Polar bear riding penguins. Oh, and there’s traps too, and space penguins and other treasure hunters looking to steal your treasure!

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