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Review: EPIC

EPIC card game review

The world of card games is quite literally flooded. There are hundreds of them out there. A few are massive success stories that have 100,000’s of players worldwide. Some of them like Magic, is currently losing players, in South Africa anyway. It’s not enough to be a blip on the global radar but the killer exchange rates and the constant need to buy new cards has some people giving up the game. I have yet to meet anyone that can give up Magic forever though. Personally I’ve re-started playing 3 times. Sometimes I just want to play a solid game and not have to worry about the cards themselves, for those times, there’s EPIC.

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Review: Steam Torpedo

Steam Torpedo review

Imagine if WWI never ended. Imagine if allegiances shifted and everyone started using chemical weapons that changed the face of the world. Imagine if things were so bad the only means of long distance transportation left was by submarine. Now, imagine if your submarine was being hunted by the enemy in the murky depths. This is the world of Steam Torpedo : First Contact.

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