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Event: ICON by the Sea

ICON by the Sea LogoI grew up in Durban, as a gamer, the lack of gaming events was noted. All through high school, the few times I could meet with friends to play Magic was something worth waiting for. When we discovered sanctioned games, which were scarce in the ’90’s, it was a whole new world. In comparison, the first Con’ that we went to, Oubliette, was a whole other universe.

Gaming was scarce in Durban. I’m sad to say that is still the case but, it is however changing. I recently discovered that ICON, SA’s biggest table top gaming Con, was going to Durban. I thought that I would investigate.

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Event: Hobby-X March 2015

Hobby-X LogoHobby-x is a hobby expo held 4 times a year in South Africa. JHB has 2 events a year and DBN and CTN one each.

While it does not cover the whole range of hobbies available in SA, it’s rather exhaustive- you would need more than the three days that it runs to go to all the demos’ and workshops. Even if you were just browsing, you would still need a whole day just to look around.

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