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Cleaning up my act

Clean up my act

Winter is hard because of the cold. It’s a wonderful time to play games. The Paruman house has been on a bit of a go slow as the kids are studying for mid-year exams. As a result, I’ve been playing a lot of Xbox, with headphones so as not to disturb them. I’ve had a few ideas about things to blog about, but it just seems easier to re-watch Star Trek, ahead of the new Pickard series due soon.

The past weekend Ronin wanted to play games during his breaks, and he started working on his models again. This has me inspired to do something that’s not involving the couch. So, to kill 2 birds with 1 stone let me lay out my plan to get back into action.

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A Tale of 2 Gamers Part 1

A Tale of 2 Gamers Part 1

Last Saturday the girls were out of the house for the afternoon. This  meant Ronin and I had some time to kill. I had planned to put up some shelving in my study (I have games on my chair and floor!) but instead I decided to crack open the First Strike Warhammer 40K starter box and see if Ronin would like it.

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Getting back in the Game.

Getting back in the Game

I’m getting back into the game and it feels good! Not that I’ve not been playing games, but I’ve not been playing as much or as often as I usually do. I did not realise that I was “missing” a part of my hobby until this weekend. Studies for the first 6 months of the year then being extremely ill has had me out of sorts but this weekend I started getting out again. I took Ronin along to a Blood bowl tournament that I managed to organise at Battle Wizards.

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