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I made my first custom insert! I also painted Lost Patrol

#StuffOnMyDesk 19/01/2017

So I’ve had this piece of foam core sitting in my study for almost a year. I bought it with the intention on making custom inserts for the games I have that really need them. I’m looking at you FFG. However most of the foam core ended up being used on school projects for the kids. It is very easy to work with and you can make some really cool stuff with it.

Then I got Food Chain Magnate. It cost me R 2,250. There are over 300 cards in the box and it has no insert at all….

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Paint Club AKA #StuffOnMyDesk 27/04/2016

#StuffOnMyDesk 2016/04/27

The first rule of Paint Club is always talk about paint club. Doing things in a group or along with others where you can share experiences just makes them easier. Even something that you do alone, link painting. I’m lazy. One of the reasons for this blog is to get myself to play more games. So if sharing about games gets me to play more, the same should work for painting.

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#StuffOnMyDesk 18/04/2016

#StuffOnMyDesk 18/04/2016

Finally!!! All 64 Shadows of Brimstone models are done! Built but not painted. I’ve also combined both starter sets into the bigger collective game. I just need to punch out all of the tiles and tokens from the Swamps of Death base set. Then is on to painting!

Ok so I had started painting the spiders but decided to stop so that I could concentrate on assembly, I wanted to play NOW! I can’t say that it was a bad idea, I’ve have many hours of fun. Most likely I’ll play a game or 2 before I finish the painting.

Now I need to get stuck into some painting through. I started with the Imperial Assault Storm troopers but stopped when Shadows arrived. This weekend I opened up Star Wars Rebellion. My daughter asked me if I’ll paint up the models. I said yes, she replied with “but you won’t actually finish painting Shadows of Brimstone”.


Just don’t tell her that. If I fail and she knows about this post she is going to rub it in L Mind you if I do get it done then I’m going to say as much 😛 I don’t really see myself binge painting the lot though I’ll do a set of models at a time so that I can keep playing while the painting is going on.

I’ve also cracked open Rallyman this weekend. I’m having a blast with it. I think I’ve had 4 plays in about as many days. I need to go to Battle Wizards this week to grab more sleeves. I missed last week’s games night and I don’t want to miss this week too. I managed to pop by the previous week and had some fantastic games, a repeat of that would be excellent.

Thursday gaming sessions at home are gaining momentum once again, yay! I missed those. We had a fun game of Medieval Academy followed by a very interesting game of Stone Age. I’ve never seen anyone win on a strategy of going after the green cards before. It was something to behold. I was sure I won; I think he was too 😉 then he added up his point and he cleared 200! Well done Nick.

Now I’m just going to sit and stare at my models and imagine all the fun we’re going to have playing with them 🙂