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Promises almost broken…

Purchase fewer games

So this was my desk for most of the past week. It was worth it though;  I passed!! Take that scumbag exams! So that’s #1 on my to do list done. Although I still have another week to go, it’s nice to get it done early. Now on the #2 & #3… but instead of painting games I would much rather just play them. Truth be told I almost failed at the endeavour I undertook within 3 days of making the commitment.

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Kickstarter Shipping Adventures…

Kickstarter shipping

As most will already know Kickstarter is a means by which product creators can get prefunding from people all over the world in order to produce their products. Often these early funders (backers) are given exclusive content or they get the product earlier or cheaper than if they would have bought the item after it was sold normally. Sometimes buying through the Kickstarter campaign (KS) is the only way to get the product.

For board games it’s a fantastic way for small companies and individuals to produce a product without having to fork out massive capital. For the backers it means paying for an item before it is even manufactured. So you will have to wait for the product to be produced and shipped. For us in SA this usually means via the SAPO….

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Gaming can be more than just a hobby.

Tabletop games

I don’t often boast about my kids. Well I try not to, those that hear me boasting might say otherwise 😉  This week my son received an award for the Best Junior Chess player in his school. I’m exceptionally proud. Samara plays too and she is certainly better than he is,  from what I gather she is the best of the seniors but that award is usually given to the Grade 7’s not the 6’s so she should get one year. The thing that I’m really excited about is not the achievement itself but the fact that Ronin did it even though he has ADD.

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