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Review: Heroes of Normandie

Heroes of Normandie review

There are many WWII games these days. Axis & Allies is almost a 4x game, you have to setup forward staging posts and factories and micro manage the war effort, on the other end of the scale you have Memoire ’44 a fun and easy to play game where the scenarios are all based on actual events. Heroes of Normandie is rather tongue in cheek.  It’s like a Hollywood movie turned board game set in WWII. Think Dirty Dozen, or Saving Private Ryan and you won’t be far off.

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Review: Golem Arcana


“We have to get this game.” The first words a friend said after I introduced her and her boyfriend to Golem Arcana. I was not expecting big things from this game. I thought that it would be a light wargame with little to no housekeeping and be easy to teach to the kids. They convinced me to open it, earlier than I expected to, because they liked the models. I then racked up 13 plays in a 2 weeks! I needed to write a Golem Arcana review!

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